Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs

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Welcome Spring!  The hedgehog agrees with the groundhog that we are indeed looking forward to an early spring.  I’ll take it! Right now, I am accepting questionnaires and will then be able to list you on the notify list.  



Please fill out a questionnaire, or email me if you have further questions.

Complete Cage Sets ($150) are available that come with ALL (including wheel!) supplies, as are Carolina Storm Bucket Wheels separately ($35).  Details are listed on my ‘supply’ page.

With these babies you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, well socialized pet worth waiting for!

ALL animals are pedigreed!

 Please take a look on my babies available


If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours, please email me at Anastasia.kanyuck@verizon.net


All hedgehogs are $350 unless otherwise noted.



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smupi boy 3 gray two tone (split) face pinto $275

A little more about us

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Thank you for your interest in Terrapin Hedgehogs. We breed selectively throughout the year, and have babies relatively often. Stasi Kanyuck, owner, has been breeding hedgehogs for the last 20+…

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Open House

None right now.  Lets get through the pandemic and see how things go. Please understand that Stasi is imuno-suppressed, and DO NOT! come if you are feeling AT ALL unwell.…

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