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Open House

None right now.  Lets get through the pandemic and see how things go.

Please understand that Stasi is imuno-suppressed, and DO NOT! come if you are feeling AT ALL unwell.

  We do have large dogs. I can put them away if they make you uncomfortable, otherwise, they are just total goofballs.
All my guidlines still apply.

Please read over my guidelines below:

1) I have a strict ‘do not touch’ policy, this is for the health and safety of the animal and legal reasons.
2) NO children under the age of 18 without a responsible adult. One adult needs to be present and responsible for each child.
3) Access to the house is limited to the living room and bathroom.
4) No  tapping on glass of frog tank, you may ask if you can feed them.
5) No loud voices.
6) Be respectful of others.
If you cannot follow these simple instructions, you will be asked to leave.