A well socialized hedgehog can be a joy to have around. However, there are a few things to consider prior to adopting one of these quilly little guys.

First, hedgehogs require a fairly large cage space. Larger is definitely better, 3 square feet of solid surfaced, one level cage space is required.

Hedgehogs have a low tolerance to cold. You MUST! keep your hedgehog above 75* year round. This means his environment, not the whole house though.

They are nocturnal – in other words, they sleep during the day and are awake at night. This means while you are away during the day, your hedgehog won’t miss you. It also means if you are a very light sleeper, the crunch crunch of eating, and the pitter patter of little hedgie feet on his wheel may wake you up.

Hedgehogs potty on the run. This means regular wheel cleaning is a must.

Now, if all that didn’t phase you, read on –

While nocturnal, they are overall happy to be woken up during the day (unlike some people!) and play/socialize while you are awake.

Hedgehogs do not need any vaccinations. An annual vet visit is encouraged.

Hedgehogs are quite intelligent. Their inquisitive, independent personalities are much like a felines, without the more common allergens.

Many become affectionate members of a household. Like cats, they may, or may not seek out lap time.

Hedgehogs also do not eat much. 2 TBSP per day of a dry cat food mix is really all they require. However, finding treats that he will eat can be an enjoyable pastime for both of you. – treats should be in moderation however, as a hedgehogs’ stomach is the size of a green grape, and you want him to eat the nutritional foods (his dry mix) first.