Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs

Wow!  Crazy world we’re living in.

I’m ‘Basically’ closed for now
I’m still shipping food orders though! 


My hedgehogs are breeding, and I hope to be able to get through most, if not all! Of my waitlist.  
this year is full of lessons..my biggest one has been to find a new level of patience, and creating new ways to be positive! (Especially for my lovely grandson who’s been living with us! )

I have an extensive waitlist.  My babies are worth the wait!

 If you’re interested in being on the waitlist, make sure you get a questionnaire submitted.  Once I get back to you, you’ll be able to place the deposit.

 Please fill out a questionnaire, or email me if you have further questions.

Complete Cage Sets ($150) are available that come with ALL (including wheel!) supplies, as are Carolina Storm Bucket Wheels separately ($35).  Details are listed on my ‘supply’ page.

With these babies you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, well socialized pet worth waiting for!

ALL animals are pedigreed!

 Please take a look on my babies available


If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours, please email me at Anastasia.kanyuck@verizon.net

After I have approved your questionnaire ( I will let you know ), you can place the  non-refundable $78 deposit, which includes a $3 processing fee..  Please DO NOT send the deposit without confirming receipt of your questionnaire. The deposit is applied to the final cost of the hedgehog, it is not an additional charge.



All hedgehogs are $350 unless otherwise noted.



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A little more about us

Thank you for your interest in Terrapin Hedgehogs.

We breed selectively throughout the year, and have babies relatively often.

Stasi Kanyuck, owner, has been breeding hedgehogs for the last 18 years, and is one of the most respected, and experienced, breeders in the country. In the past, she served on the board of the International Hedgehog Association as the Research and Development Director, and then as the Member Services Director. She was one of the designers of the original International Hedgehog Registry (unfortunately, now both are basically defunct).

In addition, Stasi has worked extensively with Hedgehog World, and is one of the founders of that site. It is a quiet site, but all the information to be found within it is correct, vetted by the most experienced breeders in the USA and abroad.

The whole Kanyuck family is involved in the daily care and socialization of the hedgehogs. Although Stasi has Multiple Sclerosis which she has been battling for 26 years, she answers all email inquiries. If you do not hear from her for a couple of days, feel free to send a follow up message. Please be patient, sometimes her MS gets in her way, but Stasi will reply as soon as she is able.

Beginning in 2014, we have decided that a part of the proceeds of each hedgehog sale will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation www.mymsaa.org.

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Food ordering

Food mix is the one we have made, and tweaked, over the 18 years we have been raising hedgehogs. Food will be shipped generally within 3 days.

food quantity