Heidi Muffin – she wasn’t just a hedgehog to me she was my
precious baby girl.   I had 5 1/2 wonderful years with my
baby.  We loved
Heidi so very much – she was a huge part of our family.

heidi muffin

Senator Harriet J. Hedgington, Esq.
28 September 2013 – 13 February 2018

Once upon a time, in the town of Joppa, Maryland, a little hoglet was
born. Her mother was Vee, and her father was Granite, and she lived at
Terrapin Hedgehogs for the first few weeks of her life. Then, her
daddy came and picked her up, and drove her all the way back to
Fruitland, and her forever home.

Senator Harriet was my first hedgehog. It’s hard to think of many
creatures who’ve had as big an impact on my life. Through her, I’ve
met so many friends, all around the world. I’ve become deeply involved
in the hedgehog community, traveled to visit hedgehog rescues in the
UK, and even written a hedgehog book. None of that would have happened
without that little quill girl.

We packed so many adventures into the four years and change that we
were together. There were two Eastern States Hedgehog Shows, where she
won almost every ribbon you can think of, including a Best in Show.
There were trips to visit friends in Delaware, and to the hedgehog
Spring Fling in western Maryland. There were voyages out into the
yard, where she learned that she loved running up and down our
driveway. There were outings to the 3rd Friday festivals in Salisbury,
to my office, and to software trainings up and down the Eastern Shore.
Everywhere she went, people were impressed by her striking “badger
stripes,” her willingness to let folks pet her, and her general

She was a Captain in the official Hedgehog Military, fighting against
animal abuse. For years, she lived in the same enclosure as Ambassador
Charlotte — many mornings, I’d go into their room and find them
snuggled up together. She founded the “Toobsday Club,” for hedgies
(and other creatures!) who loved tubes and wanted to join. She loved
her wheel, almost to the very end; I think it was only a week ago that
I caught her on it for the last time. And she was very proud of her
signature legislative achievement, the “Yew Gibbs Me Noms Omnibus Act
of 2013.”

She had been noticeably slowing down for months, but I’m comforted by
the fact that she only had a handful of bad days. She fought that
upper respiratory infection so hard over the last week — and Dr.
Ayersman and everyone at Johnson-McKee were so, so good to her — but
in the end, her body wasn’t able to recover. This morning, I held her
for the last time, and then I took her in, so she could cross over in

I love you, Senator Harriet. I will always love you, and I’ll always
be grateful for everything you gave me and taught me. Rest well, and
fly free. Ambassador Charlotte is waiting for you, along with your
“boyhawgfriend,” Captain Dave Man, and so many of your other friends.
Until we meet again, little quill girlb.

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