Welcome to Terrapin Hedgehogs

Wow!  Crazy world we’re living in. I’m ‘Basically’ closed for nowI’m still shipping food orders and supplies though!  however! I am expecting new babies in a week or so! I have a very extensive waitlist, so do not anticipate having any Hedgehogs available for the general public.  If you’re interested in being on the waitlist, […]

A little more about us

Thank you for your interest in Terrapin Hedgehogs. We breed selectively throughout the year, and have babies relatively often. Stasi Kanyuck, owner, has been breeding hedgehogs for the last 20+ years, and is one of the most respected, and experienced, breeders in the country. In the past, she served on the board of the International […]

Food ordering

Food will be shipped generally within 3 days. food quantity 2.5#/6mo. $18.00 USD5#/12 mo. $30.00 USD Food mix is the one we have made, and tweaked, over the 18 years we have been raising hedgehogs!

Open House

None right now.  Lets get through the pandemic and see how things go. Please understand that Stasi is imuno-suppressed, and DO NOT! come if you are feeling AT ALL unwell.   We do have large dogs. I can put them away if they make you uncomfortable, otherwise, they are just total goofballs. All my guidlines […]