Advance Deposit/Waitlist

I take advance deposits.  By placing a deposit on an upcoming litter, you will move to the top of the list in the order that deposits are received.  Placing an advance deposit reduces your wait time substantially.  This also allows you to give a color and gender that you prefer.  Advance deposit customers will have first choice of babies by picture only as they will be too young to be visited.  I only list friendly babies unless otherwise noted.  To expedite the choosing process, I contact people on this list in groups of 3, in the order that deposits are received.  Babies are pictured at approximately 3 weeks of age.  If you do not like any of the pictured babies, you may stay at the top of the list until you see a baby that you like from an upcoming litter.  When you are contacted about a listed litter, you have 48 hours to pick out a baby or move to the next litter.  This allows me to contact all advance placement customers in a timely matter.